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“How Do You Pee When Kayak Fishing?!”

Weather the water is cold or otherwise, I pee off my kayak. If it’s really cold, I’m rarely in deep water. But let’s say I am in deep water in the cold. I pull my scupper plugs, piss myself, bail a little water over my waste to drain it out, and go about my business… how can I be so gross? Easy. Moisture wicking clothing!

Why is moisture wicking, or water wicking material necessary in kayak fishing, especially for women? In my opinion, because of the nature of our call of nature and biological plumbing, moisture wicking is a must for two reasons: comfort and hygiene. I usually select running or jogging gear, for their synthetic blend materials that have a scientifically designed ability to pull moisture away from the skin to the exterior of the clothing. The intention in their design is sweat, but I’m utilizing this feature for my personal waste water. Ya know what I mean… my pee.

I need to wear a material that is hydrophobic, or boast a chemical quality within the microfibers of the fabric to shed those icky fluids I don’t want on my skin. Essentially during a kayaking trip, if the water is too cold, I need the microfibers to move piss to the outer areas of my clothing, or away from my skin. It can evaporate more easily, and basically keep me dryer. Dryer and relocated piss equals comfort and my girl parts aren’t suffering prolonged exposure to my own waste.

If the water is warm, I get out and pee in the water. I’ll dry quickly because of my apparel choices, and overall it doesn’t slow me down.

But what if the water is SUPER COLD!?

One word: DIAPERS.

Yes, on super cold days, I take my “peepee pack.” It consists of gallon zip lock filled with two diapers, an extra ziplock for waste, a small roll of t.p. or a small package of wet wipes, and if you don’t want to do diapers, you can pack an adult piss pad (not a menstrual pad) but keep in mind the capacity for absorption is greaty reduced!  I prefer diapers because they hold an obscene amount of liquid these days (up to four cups of fluid in a size 4 diaper—I tested it out) and figured out they are handy, after this experience CLICK AND READ HERE)

It’s easy to work with diapers in a kayak. Just open one up, shove it down your pants and under you. Pee. Pull the soiled diaper out, roll up, and put in waste ziplock to discard at home later.) DONE. Easy pee-zy.

But what if you don’t like to do it that way. Or you don’t want to worry about leakage. (God forbid you come in contact with your own pee! I mean, it’s not like you’re fishing and touching fish slime, gulp juice, pro cure, or fish guts…but hey, some girls are dirty and some aren’t.) So you’re a little more squeemish about anything “icky.” GoGirl brand has you covered. There’s a women’s piss funnel that you can find at either Target or Walmart in the camping section that basically turning your innie into an outtie so you can stand up to pee, then wipe and be on your way. I don’t care for it, but that’s because it involves being careful. If I’m going to end up getting pee on myself anyway, I’d rather not bother with a funnel.  Anyway, peeing on a kayak isn’t hard. The hardest part is finding the confidence (or loss of shame) to pee just anywhere, without care.

Good luck, ladies! Tight lines, and as always, GET THE HOOK UP!


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